Sites Security Services

Your risks disappear face of our reactivity !

The PSC department makes available to your work sites personnel whose advanced skills allow you to optimize resources on the job site as well as a smooth management of most of your hazards.

  • Perching, LAM management, level crossing management, traffic announcements
  • Disassembly / Reassembly of IS (HMT2), automatic traffic announcement
  • Missions specific to closed on-line sites
  • Placing / Removing LTV Signals

Emblematic projects


ERS has been chosen by the BPL group ST2 on the construction site of the Brittany-Pays de la Loire high-speed line in order to carry out the perching operations following the activation of the catenary on BPL. For this first perching mission for ERS, 6 agents were dedicated to this service, which last a little more than 6 months.


ERS will be in charge of the rail safety missions related to the S9a3 specific operating regulations (RZT, ACGEC-ER, APN) during the construction of the track modernization between Saintes and Royan. This mission, which is planned to last 5 months, is involved in the renovation of the line, preparing to raise the speed to 140 km / h and future electrification. ERS teams have been training hard since July 2017 (notably in apprenticeship on the T4 project) to reconcile safety, procedural fluidity and worksite productivity.


During the rail renewal project between Bibliothèque François Mitterrand and Etampes, ERS carried out the tasks of removing and installing electrical signaling installations (KVB, detectors, CRO, JIC) with technical checks and functional tests under an experimental protocol . This operation constitutes the first experiment in phase 3 for ERS and marks a turning point in its development. Having experienced the resilience of its managerial processes, ERS is now moving into the industrial phase in this delivery segment (HMT2). The available staff will therefore increase rapidly through two training sessions (one scheduled for November 2017 and the other at the end of the first half of 2018)

Our certificates & qualifications


Manual Announcement Mission of circulations


Mission of announcement of the circulations of the type DAPR – Device of Announcement Portable Radio –  MANUAL Detection


Radio announcement mission DAPR – Portable Radio Announcement Device – AUTOMATIC Detection


Implementation of measures complementary to catenary consignment


Fixed services on closed line

08221 (phase 1)

Mission Operational Security Representative


IES repository / installation service on site

09301 (phase 1)

Operational management of LAM

Gather informations